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THE STORYAs the world of visuals evolves, so do those who create them. Grand Media, an established full-service video production company based in Baltimore, Maryland, was ready to do just that. While their commitment to their craft and community remained steadfast, the company was ready to evolve their business and expand their reach. Guided by new objectives, Grand Media's stakeholders recognized the need for a full scope rebrand, including company name change. Focused on empowering businesses, Grand Media elevates ideas while remaining true to each client's vision and core message. They’re a partner who values the creative process as much as those with whom they work. With this brand promise top of mind, Grand Media wanted their new brand and identity to reflect the reimagined core values that shape every aspect of their business—authenticity, collaboration, creativity, passion, growth, and community impact. With the ultimate goal of positioning themselves as the video production partner of choice, three key target audiences were identified. These included small-to-medium-sized businesses in the mental health and environmentally conscious fields, minority-owned businesses, and Maryland-based advertising agencies. Creating relevance for such diverse audiences was just one of the rebranding challenges we faced. Grand Media also required a brand identity that differentiated them in a dense, highly competitive video production market. Their point of difference had to be crystal clear. Namely, their unique talent to hold an environmentally conscious mindset, push boundaries, understand diverse perspectives—and to collaborate through it all.

Lisa is a true professional. We searched the area extensively during our company's rebranding process and Lisa stood above the rest. Not only does she possess extensive knowledge in her field, but she brings such a wonderful attitude to the whole process. Lisa truly cares about the success of her clients, and she has created an internal branding discovery and development process that keeps her clients' best interest at heart. I can't recommend her enough. Our companies are our babies, and when you're dealing with something as crucial as your brand, you want to be positive that you are in good hands. That's what you'll get with Lisa Sirbaugh Creative.


THE SOLUTIONWe kicked things off with extensive brand discovery and research work in order to develop a brand brief that served as a fundamental platform for our branding and graphic design work. Through this process Grand Media's new mission emerged: to bring powerful ideas to life with passion and purpose. To put meaning into motion. From there, we moved into brand identity development. It was important to the stakeholder's that the new visual identity convey a sense of light and motion, essential elements to their craft. Research and exploration concentrated around sources of natural light, the forms they take, and the symbolism behind them all. The research and exploration broadened from there into iconography and typography. At the heart of the new brand identity suite is Grand Media's brandmark, inspired by Polaris, aka: the North Star. This yellow, super-giant star shines with the luminosity of 2,500 suns and is the fixed point around which the entire northern sky turns. As such, it has served as a beacon—and a powerful icon—throughout history. It has come to symbolize guidance, hope, inspiration, freedom, constancy, and purpose. For Grand Media and their clients, it's a symbol of the agency's brand promise—trusted and true. The identity's clean, modern logotype was carefully stylized to unify with forms found within the companion brandmark. From there we devised a color palette based on sky-high light sources, including Aurora Borealis and NASA telescope images of Polaris. It has been said that the “play” button is the most compelling call to action on the web. With the new Grand Media brand identity, it can also be considered a beacon, guiding the way to bring even the most challenging concepts to life.