It’s with great pleasure that I announce the name of my studio has officially changed to Lisa Sirbaugh Creative from the former Lisa Gorham Creative. This evolution comes after marrying fellow Creative Director, Seth Sirbaugh on September 17, 2022. And while the studio’s name has changed, its focus remains constant: develop beautiful brands that people connect with, shaped by strategy and creativity. Furthermore, Lisa Sirbaugh Creative will continue to provide the same elevated level of branding and graphic design services that my clients have come to expect.

With the business name change comes a refresh to Lisa Sirbaugh Creative’s print and digital marketing materials. The structured L-frame ambigram that people have come to know remains at the heart of the studio’s brand identity. From the beginning, this icon has symbolized my mission to elevate and empower businesses by framing their brands for success and longevity—all through thoughtful strategy, purposeful creativity, and exceptional execution.

Look for the studio name change on; associated creative channels: Behance, Logo Lounge, and Dribbble; and all social media and business platforms: Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

On August 24, 2022, Lisa Sirbaugh Creative celebrated its seven year anniversary. Over the years I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with incredible people across a diverse landscape of industries, including: corporate and small business, food and beverage, finance, health and beauty, real estate, home and garden, arts and entertainment, education, government, and non-profit organizations.

I look forward to continued collaborations with the partnerships I’ve developed over the years and working with brands that want to reach their full potential.


Lisa Sirbaugh Creative (formerly Lisa Gorham Creative) is a multi-disciplinary branding and graphic design studio focused on delivering dynamic and engaging brand experiences.

Elevate and empower your company or organization by framing your brand for success and longevity. It all begins with thoughtful strategy, purposeful creativity, and exceptional execution.