ACNB Corporation

Community Advertising Campaign

SERVICES  Creative Direction | Design & Layout | Copywriting

THE STORYSince 1857, ACNB Corporation and its subsidiaries have proudly served the marketplace with banking and wealth management services. With headquarters in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, and locations throughout southcentral Pennsylvania and central Maryland, ACNB Corporation has remained committed to supporting the communities in which its neighbors and customers live, work, and play. For the 2019/20 advertising year, ACNB Corporation's leadership saw a need to develop a whole new community ad campaign. Their "Proud to Support" campaign had run its course and they recognized that the messaging didn't convey their commitment directive, nor was it unique among community bank advertisements. ACNB Corporation was looking for a creative and cohesive concept that would showcase several local organization and event categories that they're committed to supporting each year. It would have to align with their brand messaging, new marketing videos, and work for all ACNB Corporation subsidiaries and their individual brands.

THE SOLUTIONLisa Sirbaugh Creative understands that every great project starts with a commitment to understanding the client and their goals. Working closely with ACNB Corporation leadership, we developed the "Starts with Commitment" campaign. The new design, vibrant imagery, and targeted messaging focuses on the individuals, businesses, and organizations that make our shared communities great places to live, work, and play. The full campaign showcases athletic programs, 5K runs and walks, golf outings, agricultural 4-H fairs, arts festivals, and performing arts and theater. Each ad spotlights its respective audience, what they're committed to, and how they inspire us through that commitment, hard work, and dedication. ACNB Corporation is proud of its neighbors and is dedicated to supporting the many organizations, events, and activities that help our communities flourish. It is through this dedication and support that their brand promise rings true: For everything you're committed to, ACNB Bank is with you.