Anxiety & Behavioral Health Center

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THE STORYThe Anxiety & Behavioral Health Center specializes in providing compassionate and scientifically sound care to people suffering from various anxiety and behavioral disorders. In a collaborative environment, ABHC connects with their clients to help them overcome anxiety, improve vitality through active change, and move toward sustainable growth. ABHC founder, Dr. Christina Brooks, Psy.D., has a pretty impressive background, to say the least. With extensive experience in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Exposure and Response Prevention, Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, and working with the Children’s National Medical Center and Johns Hopkins University (to name just a few), Dr. Brooks decided it was time to launch her own private practice. ABHC approached Lisa Sirbaugh Creative with the challenge of developing an identity that not only conveys their distinct methodology but one that would differentiate the ABHC brand from the sea of other behavioral practices in the region.

THE SOLUTIONIn order to successfully capture the essence of the ABHC brand, we had to start at the beginning with fundamental and strategic groundwork. Working together we dove right into brand discovery, uncovering their true who, what, and why. Through this initial process we crafted the mission and vision statements, and built the framework that guided the direction of the logo design and full identity suite. One part of ABHC's methodology is that clients face their challenges head-on, much like one would dive into a wave. In fact, Dr. Brooks has long used this powerful metaphor in sessions with her clients. With courage and aptitude, by diving into the wave, one becomes a part of its movement and emerges on the other side, safe and stronger for it. The alternative is not only crushing, but debilitating. In alignment with this compelling analogy and the established brand foundation, a refined, modern, and straightforward brand identity was formed. The connectivity of the a/b wave brandmark and the friendliness of the logotype reflect the messaging in ABHC's brand promise, mission, and vision. Furthermore, the brandmark quintessentially captures the connection ABHC has with their clients and the commitment that is required for them to overcome life's challenging ebbs and flows.

THE SOUVENIRSMUSE Creative Award for Brand Identity Design

Lisa was genuinely interested in learning about the therapeutic services that we provide in order to help develop a brand identity that reflects the values and mission of our clinic. Her understanding of this, dedication, expertise, and creativity allowed me to continue to focus on clinical work while establishing the Anxiety & Behavioral Health Center.