Aterra Nutrition

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THE STORYAterra Nutrition is changing the way people look at nutrition and overall health and wellness. Owner and registered dietitian Cristina Luibil’s mission is to take wellness back from the clutches of diet culture by reframing nutrition. Aterra helps clients and their families create sustainable and practical dietary habits that help them maintain a lifestyle that supports their individual goals. When training to become a dietitian, Luibil realized the importance of thinking about health from a new perspective. This revelation formed a series of overarching guiding principles, including a ‘non-diet, weight-inclusion’ approach that encompassed the ‘Healthy at Every Size®’ mindset. It was also a key factor behind launching her own private practice. During the beginning stages of business planning, Luibil turned to Lisa Sirbaugh Creative for branding and logo design development. As a new business in a concentrated and highly competitive industry landscape, we needed to establish a differentiated brand. We set out to develop a refined, approachable visual identity that would accurately depict the practice, align with its mission and sustainable wellness philosophy, and distinguish Aterra from competitors within the marketplace.

THE SOLUTIONDuring brand discovery we assessed business goals, guiding principles, target audience, the industry landscape, and top competitors. We established customer experience, brand attributes, and visual identity goals. We also determined the need for additional core elements beyond the primary logo in order to support various print and digital touchpoints, and sustain growing marketing needs. With the discovery and foundational work completed, we dove into visual identity and tagline development. In alignment with the newly established attributes, the Aterra brand identity suite is refined, classic, and evokes a sense of health and balance. The suite consists of a primary logo, secondary logo, and a secondary seal. At the heart of the identity is a lively brandmark that showcases two rosemary sprigs flourishing from its terra basin. In our research we found that rosemary was the perfect icon to represent Aterra, with its numerous health benefits and long history of symbolic meaning and usages. The mark was meticulously illustrated to unify with the customized logotype and to translate crisply and clearly at both large and small sizes. The fresh, organic color palette further supports the brand and identity, communicating a sense of growth, harmony, sustainability, and stability. The new tagline gets right down to the essence of the brand with candor and confidence, summing up what Aterra Nutrition stands for and delivers on… Sustainable Nutrition for Lifelong Wellness.

THE SOUVENIRSMUSE Creative Award for Brand Identity Design

When I was brainstorming where to invest in the beginning of my new business, I knew that branding and web design was what I needed most. I found Lisa Sirbaugh Creative through another small business and as soon as I took a peek at Lisa's portfolio, I knew that I had found my creative match. Lisa took my jumbled idea and created a beautiful brand identity suite, with a perfect tagline, and later designed an amazing website that perfectly captures everything I want my business to convey. I especially appreciate the hidden personal touches that Lisa captured within my brand identity. Working with Lisa was extremely fun, professional, and inspiring.