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THE STORYBaviello Investment Management is a boutique financial advisory firm based in Baltimore, Maryland. Its mission is simple: Protect and grow its clients' wealth through discipline and patience, investing only in high-quality, heavily researched options. While that’s certainly a differentiator among most boutique investment firms, I wanted to give Baviello a brand platform and identity that further set it apart from direct competitors. And at the same time, one that could hang with the well-known players. This was particularly important in a city like Baltimore that’s flanked with big-time investment firms like T. Rowe Price, Legg Mason, and Stifel.

Lisa’s in-depth brand discovery process identified what Baviello Investment Management was looking for and needed. The brand identity design she developed blew past all our expectations, representing the company perfectly. I’m very pleased to have Lisa as a long-term partner for all Baviello Investment Management graphic design needs.


THE SOLUTIONOn the surface, a lion makes for an exceptional investment firm icon. It has forever been a symbol of leadership, protection, strength, pride, and truth. A lion whose mane forms the letter B for Baviello? Even better. But there’s a third aspect to that Baviello lion that you should know. It’s actually a nod to the history of currency. Specifically, it references the Lydian Lion Stater, the moniker of the world’s very first minted coin. Believed to date back to the second half of the 7th century, the Lydian Stater was the model for virtually all subsequent coinage. There’s a story in that lion. A deep one. Just like the deep relationships that are nurtured at Baviello Investment Management.

THE SOUVENIRSAmerican Advertising Award for Logo Design