Catoctin Breeze Vineyard

Composer Wine Series

SERVICES  Packaging Design | Illustration

THE STORYSeated along the rolling hills of Eastern Appalachia’s Catoctin Mountains, Catoctin Breeze is more than a vineyard. It’s an experience. Among the many wineries that pepper the region, it’s a breath of fresh air. It’s Catoctin Breeze. This multi-award-winning vineyard has come to be known across the region for their wide range of varietal, blended, and honey wines. Not to mention their wonderful winery experience. When Catoctin Breeze's owners developed a concept for a new line of wine themed around their love of classical music, they turned to Lisa Sirbaugh Creative to help with packaging design. They wanted a label series as creative and whimsical as the famous compositions themselves. Together, we composed a work of art.

A picture is worth a thousand words. That’s what we got when we asked Lisa Sirbaugh Creative to develop the packaging design for our Composer Series. The concept and design artfully conveys a message of simple elegance with a whimsical twist. She read our minds and gave us a product that perfectly matches our expectations and efforts. Constant admiration from our customers is the best testimonial of meeting our goal.


THE SOLUTIONSince each wine in the series would be named after a notable composition, this felt like the perfect opportunity to feature the composers in a whole new way. The likenesses of each: Swirling, whimsical, melodic illustrations created the old school way. For inspiration, each illustration was 'composed' while listening to each respective composition. This process allowed the movements and fluctuations of the music to guide the hand, and ultimately, create a unique piece of art. The label's design and typographic treatment is minimalistic and clean, with a touch of whimsy. allowing these works of art to be the stars of the show. Not to leave any detail unturned, we selected the perfect white linen label stock to further capture the essence of the series' classic and musical nature. All told, a total of 13 illustrations and labels were created for the Catoctin Breeze Vineyard Composer Series. Who says classical music can’t be sophisticated AND fun? Especially when you have amazing wine to get you in the spirit.

THE SOUVENIRSAmerican Advertising Awards for Packaging Design and IllustrationAmerican Illustration Award for Illustration SingleAmerican Illustration Award for Illustration SeriesCommunication Arts Award of Excellence for Illustration SeriesDieline Feature for Packaging DesignMUSE Creative Award for Illustration SingleMUSE Creative Award for Illustration SingleWorld Brand Design Society Feature for Packaging DesignPackaging of the World Feature for Packaging Design