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THE STORYClickseed is a highly-regarded consulting firm that specializes in SEO, analytics, audience development, and digital strategy for publishers and major enterprises. With a digital media veteran at the helm, and years of impressive case study results, they have come to be trusted by the world's top brands. Included among them: leading publishers in the finance, entertainment, news, and lifestyle industries, as well as popular reference sites, top B2B companies, and tech start-ups. As a results-driven consultancy that's deeply rooted in client performance success, Clickseed's founder took the opportunity to assess his own company and brand. After careful analysis, a new set of objectives were put into place and the business model was strategically realigned. During the process they also recognized that a breakdown in brand cohesion had occurred, and moreover, they had outgrown their start-up logo. Understanding the necessity of a strong, consistent brand, Clickseed turned to Lisa Sirbaugh Creative for rebranding and identity development. With notable brand equity already established, our goal was to develop a brand presence that would thrive in the next phase of the company's life.

I had the opportunity to work with the talented Lisa Sirbaugh Creative to develop a new brand identity for Clickseed, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. I’ve worked with Lisa on a couple of projects over the years and I think she’s the bees knees, both as a graphic designer and as a person.


THE SOLUTIONHaving identified the existing brand and identity deficiencies, we got to work on brand discovery, strategy, and development. Centered around the company's new business model, and our research and assessment findings, we redefined Clickseed's brand mission, positioning, and attributes. Next we focused on the brand identity's direction and how best to align it with established fundamentals and characteristics, and ultimately tell the Clickseed story. Various evolutionary and revolutionary logo design concepts were explored, but in the end we arrived at a progressive solution in a modernized wordmark. The new visual identity is as strong and sophisticated as it is versatile and approachable. It conveys the company's authentic nature, as well as their elevated positioning within the SEO consultancy marketplace. The energized brandmark—an iconic seed comprised of a C and an inconspicuous arrow—was inspired by an element in the original logo. By paying homage to the former identity, we provide a sense of familiarity, but through an elevated and refined execution. The companion logotype was carefully crafted to mirror the mark's geometric nature and innovative personality. A vibrant, more contemporary color palette was introduced, inspiring feelings of trust and security, while communicating precision, wisdom, and growth. Expanding beyond the brand identity suite, a set of supporting graphic patterns were created. Much like the visual identity itself, these graphic elements help illustrate Clickseed's brand promise: Maximize Visibility. Optimize Engagement. Grow Your Audience. A tall order that their diverse client-base has come to rely on. One which Clickseed flourishes in its delivery.

THE SOUVENIRSMUSE Creative Award for Brand Identity Design