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THE STORYEmpower You Therapy is a boutique mental health practice that specializes in EMDR psychotherapy and individual therapy for women. Whether clients have experienced grief, loss, relationship challenges, or self-worth issues, it's this practice's mission to empower women through healing heartache and trauma. Founder Ania Scanlan understands that therapy is an incredibly personal and intimate journey—one you don’t want to embark on with just anyone. Through expert guidance and understanding care, Empower You Therapy has helped countless individuals over the years, establishing themselves as a trusted, reputable practice within their Twin Cities metro community. In light of what Empower You Therapy had accomplished since its launch, Scanlan took a step back to assess the practice, its business model, and brand. She knew that if they were to achieve newly established business objectives and reach a modified target clientele, necessary changes needed to be made. Furthermore, Scanlan recognized that the practice had outgrown its start-up logo and the brand was experiencing inconsistencies and adoption issues. To position the business for future growth and success, Scanlan turned to Lisa Sirbaugh Creative for rebranding guidance and logo design development. The objective: an empowered brand and visual identity that serves as a beacon of the Empower You Therapy mission and methodology.

THE SOLUTIONWith the business model redefined, and short- and long-term goals solidified, we kicked-off the brand discovery process. First, we established the brand's core values, experience, and positioning. Next, we defined the visual identity's attributes and objectives. The new direction needed to embody these characteristics, while conveying Empower You Therapy's trusted expert guidance, inviting and understanding approach, and provide uplifting feelings of acceptance and empowerment. During research and concept development, we agreed that there was one direction that shone brighter than all others. The powerful and promising symbol of a lit torch has long epitomized enlightenment, hope, guidance, and freedom. Its presence signifies bringing light to darkness, understanding to ignorance, and freedom to the enslaved. Furthermore, the torch represents the ability for each of us to serve as a guiding light for others, and the ability of education to illuminate and eradicate ignorance. Empower You Therapy embodies these characteristics. For that reason, the torch was the ideal choice to serve at the heart of the new visual identity. With simple, clean, and modern aesthetics, the brand identity suite features a thoughtful E/Y torch brandmark and companion logotype that mirrors linework details found in the iconic symbol. The suite is comprised of multiple logo lock-ups and secondary marks, providing versatility across various print and digital marketing mediums. A new color palette was developed to best represent the identity's message and promote feelings of trust, inner security, and positivity. Altogether, the solution focuses on the client and the opportunity of mental health growth, and brings Empower You Therapy's mission to life.