Free State Health & Wellness

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THE STORYFree State Health & Wellness is changing the way nurse practitioners help patients and how patients help nurse practitioners. Especially when it comes to those with mental health and addiction challenges. Instead of taking a solely reactive approach, Free State is focused on being active and empathic. By encouraging open dialogue with patients to get to the root of their needs and concerns, Free State delivers individualized treatment plans instead of simply responding to symptoms. Free State's vision for their patients' experience: Professional. Comfortable. Safe. Nonjudgmental. I took their vision to heart and used this, not just as direction, but as inspiration for the new brand.

Words cannot describe Lisa's work. You can tell she truly loves her job and creating something special for her clients. She makes the process foolproof. I came to Lisa Sirbaugh Creative by a recommendation knowing I would get something better than I ever expected. I didn't have any ideas or expectations of what I wanted my brand and identity to be, or look like, but her process guides you through it seamlessly. In the end I could not have been happier with my company's brand identity. I look forward to working with Lisa on future endeavors.


THE SOLUTIONAn organization this extraordinary deserved a brand identity just as special. There’s a wonderful, and wonderfully different, story to be told here—literally and visually. For Free State, it’s about new thinking not new age. It’s game changing, but more importantly, it’s life changing. And as the creative director and designer behind their brand, it was about story, symbolism, and a healthy dose of different. A bird of many, many feathers. Birds are widely regarded as symbols of freedom, while doves epitomize peace, purity, and the soul. An ideal icon, indeed. I illustrated Free State's dove brandmark in a forward motion of flight—with flight symbolizing freedom from  physical restrictions, this mark represents moving forward, toward a healthy state of mind. Color it meaningful. The color blue is often associated with depth and stability. It symbolizes trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, and faith, and is believed to be beneficial to the mind and body. And with the color aqua signifying emotional healing and protection, it was clear that this spectrum would serve as the primary color palette. With a vision as unique as their approach, it's easy to see why the Free State Health & Wellness brand identity took flight.

THE SOUVENIRSMUSE Creative Award for Logo Design