Maryland Clothing Co.

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THE STORYThere’s no shortage of Maryland-themed clothing and swag out there. Problem is, so much of it looks the same and feels, well, uninspired. Maryland Clothing Co. had a vision: Create unique, high-quality apparel that connects with people and businesses in a way that no other clothing company ever has. Maryland Clothing Co. turned to Lisa Sirbaugh Creative to help do just that—from their logo, identity suite, and brand system right down to the apparel. Together, we created an entire brand for people who love this state and want to wear their pride on their sleeve. Literally.

When starting Maryland Clothing Co. we knew there were big challenges ahead of us by developing a brand that could represent the Maryland lifestyle in a way that had never been done before. Within minutes of talking to Lisa we knew she was the one for us. Lisa’s process for organizing thoughts and ideas is second to none. In a short time, she was able to dial in on our attributes and focus on the brand strategy goals of our company. Lisa’s thoughtfulness and attention to detail produced a final product that exceeded expectations in every way possible. We continue to use Lisa for all of our graphic design needs and could not be happier with the results.


THE SOLUTIONDuring the initial discovery phase we determined that the brand’s tone should be classic and casual with a vintage feel. This is the foundation for the designs that not only represent the nostalgic spirit of our state, but also our laid-back (but proud!) personality. A true ode to this place we call home. There’s so much history here—so much opportunity to tell a story. I took full advantage of it. On the surface, the designs are meant to be immediately distinct and wearable. But look a little deeper; there’s more than meets the eye in that MCC logo. The eagle brandmark was chosen for several reasons, starting with America’s national anthem. The Star-Spangled Banner, written by Francis Scott Key right here in Maryland, is a song about bravery, hope, triumph, and freedom—all things synonymous with our country's national symbol. Even more insightful, the eagle is also a salute to the vast military presence in Maryland. The Navy, in particular, outfits formal uniforms with unique eagle insignia pins. The spanned wings create the two C's for Clothing and Company and the eagle's breast and tail feathers create the M for Maryland. The M is also an inverted trident, a nostalgic nod to the U.S. Naval Academy that calls the state's capital home. You'll find a trident atop the U.S. Naval Academy's official seal. All this poignant symbolism will make anyone—Marylander or not—proud to wear Maryland Clothing Co.’s apparel.

THE SOUVENIRSAmerican Advertising Awards for Logo Design, Apparel Design, and Integrated Branding Identity CampaignMUSE Creative Award for Apparel DesignLogo Lounge Book 10