Mount St. Mary's Seminary


SERVICES  Creative Direction | Design & Layout

THE STORYThere’s a whole lot of history and reverence in the Mount St. Mary’s Seminary. Founded in 1808 by French immigrant priest Father John Dubois, it is a very special, storied place. Located on the campus of Mount St. Mary’s University, The Mount, as it’s lovingly referred to, is the second oldest Catholic seminary in the United States. The University’s Communications Office and the Seminary’s newly appointed Monsignor wanted a modern, clean, and highly visual viewbook to showcase the Seminary’s magnificence and modernity. In other words, it was time to up their communications game while preserving the institution’s hallowed and priestly nature.

THE SOLUTIONThe Mount turned to Lisa Sirbaugh Creative to create something totally new and refreshing. A 24-page viewbook was designed to deliver the Seminary’s vision and mission, and maybe more importantly, its beauty. Past viewbooks were crammed with too much copy and too few showstopping images. White space was almost nonexistent. This time around, it was all about inspiring prospects to say, “I want to go there!” Working closely with the University’s commissioned photographer, I provided art direction and developed detailed mood boards to guide the overall look and feel. From architecture and classrooms to grounds and seminarian students, we used photography to tell the Seminary’s stunning story and showcased it all in a fresh, refined layout. When a Monsignor responds to the final product as “so cool,” you know you’ve done something right.

THE SOUVENIRSAmerican Advertising Award for Sales & Marketing Collateral