Ol' Charm

Vintage Tap Truck & Mobile Bar

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THE STORYAs one of Maryland's first vintage tap truck rental services, this classy chassis and her charismatic service team, really know how to pour on the Ol' Charm. Founder, Thomas Kuzma, had an exciting vision for a new company—turning his passion for classic trucks, craft beverages, and good ol' fashioned chivalry, into an extraordinary mobile bar experience. Making that dream a reality began with the meticulous restoration of a vintage 1954 Chevy pick-up that returned this classic to its former glory. Next, it was retrofitted with a custom four-line tap system housed in hand-crafted white oak. With restoration complete, Ol' Charm was ready to serve up top-notch hospitality, good cheer, and a refreshing selection of craft beers, wines, and ciders. All guaranteed to elevate any corporate event, private gathering, or festival, with a one-of-a-kind experience. But for this start-up, there was still much to do—and every aspect needed to be as highly detailed as the restoration itself. It was time to shift gears and build the Ol’ Charm brand. That’s when Lisa Sirbaugh Creative got in the driver’s seat and revved things up.

Lisa Sirbaugh Creative combines small town charm with corporate execution. Working with Ms. Sirbaugh on an initial brand identity has been a true privilege. Ms. Sirbaugh did not compromise creativity, talent, or clear communication throughout the entire brand discovery, development, and deployment process. Staying true to company attributes, the identity suite she created surpassed all expectations. Her natural professional and personal coaching has positioned our new business toward success. I am extremely thankful and look forward to a continued partnership with Lisa Sirbaugh Creative.


THE SOLUTIONThrough brand discovery, research, and strategy we determined how this unique opportunity could be positioned, visually and verbally. We started by imagining back to the truck’s heyday. The 1950s were a simpler time—the advertising, typography, and graphic design of that era were no exception. The spirit of that decade was the inspiration behind the entire brand and identity. Every detail was considered carefully. Take for instance the brandmark, a wheel of taps that form the initials, O and C, an icon reminiscent of graphics popular during that time. Then there's the tagline we developed, Driven by Craft. ‘Driven’ not only refers to the truck itself, but is a nod to Tom’s dedication and passion. ‘Craft’ speaks to his love of things done well (not the least of which, libations). Even the color palette was replicated from a vintage 1954 Chevy paint chip guide. Each touchpoint was deliberate and every aspect became a proper homage to a great age in American history. Throughout the process, we always kept in mind one very essential detail: Charm. By definition, charm is the craft of delighting others through personality and beauty. For this client, that word isn’t just in the name, it’s a working philosophy—a mantra. What we built was an inspired brand steered by strategy, style, and of course, charm. Event Photography Courtesy of Marissa Rose Photography

THE SOUVENIRSMUSE Creative Award for Brand Identity DesignWorld Brand Design Society Feature for Branding