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THE STORYGrowing strong, healthy plants takes nourishment, know-how, and hard work. Growing a startup e-commerce plant business, and its brand, takes the same care and discipline. Plantjoy approached Lisa Sirbaugh Creative with a budding business concept and generations of industry experience, but little else from a brand and communications standpoint. In fact, the company hadn’t even formalized a name yet. The idea was simple—not to be confused with easy. Shopping for plants online isn’t new, but most e-commerce options aren’t that great. Plantjoy wanted to develop a completely different experience. One that would give consumers a whole new way to shop for high-quality plants with ease and confidence, and an equal amount of enjoyment and inspiration. A big part of conveying that was creating the right look, feel, tone, and all of the intangibles that go along with it. Like the premium plants they offer, I worked closely with Plantjoy stakeholders to grow their brand from the ground up.

Working with Lisa Sirbaugh Creative is such a pleasure. Lisa has the rare talent of being both incredibly creative and clever as well as organized and professional. When we started a new business venture we turned to her to develop the brand, its identity, and all the brand touchpoints. Lisa is 'all in' when she works with you—a true gem. She has far exceeded our expectations. I highly recommend her. 


THE SOLUTIONThe tagline we created, Premium Plants Delivered, tells what the company does, but that’s hardly the whole story. At its roots (and in the name we developed) lies the real substance and energy: Plantjoy is more than an online business, they are bringers of happiness, simplicity, and delight. It wasn’t the what they needed help with. It was the why and the how. Since this was a startup venture, I also had the opportunity to help show them the way. This was a full scope branding and brand identity project. Across the board, every facet of it needed to be colorful, clean, and, without question, FUN. As such, it laid a solid foundation for all touchpoints but it was also flexible enough to allow for some tonal variances and extensions. The wordmark, for instance, is simple and friendly, but it was here where I took the opportunity to inject some of the client’s ‘caring and joyful nature’ through the use of a heart-shaped Redbud leaf. Beyond the brand identity suite, we carefully designed and developed the e-commerce website, a delivery packaging suite, social media assets and content design, customer engagement emails, email marketing, custom illustrations, and more. For each and every touchpoint, the objective was the same. Make Plantjoy different from any competitor out there and do so in a way that reinforces the true essence of their brand. It all works together, in perfect, simple, joyful synthesis. Or is it, photosynthesis?

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