Team Hope

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THE STORYTeam Hope is a non-profit organization that provides funding for clinical breast exams, follow-up care, and all needed imaging to uninsured or under-insured Frederick County, Maryland residents. Their program is simple and easy, by design—no paper work, no red tape, just the care that so many need, where health care plans and government programs often fail. In 2019, Team Hope celebrated 10 years of seeing this mission through, successfully raising more than $365,000 up to that point. All of which has been donating to Frederick County partners as well as to cancer research on a national level. Founder/CEO and breast cancer survivor, Vicky Weldon's philosophy is this—Every day is a gift...and each day gives us a new opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others. So when Team Hope approached Lisa Sirbaugh Creative looking for a rebrand that would better represent their organization, their mission, and equip them for future growth, an exciting idea presented itself—the opportunity to make a difference to Team Hope itself, and in turn, the lives of so many that they touch. Lisa Sirbaugh Creative reached out to Tribe Design & Branding to join forces and take on the Team Hope rebrand together—a partnership initiative that would allow us to give back to our community by donating 100% of our time and efforts to an organization that does so much, for so many.

THE SOLUTIONWe got to work immediately, collaborating closely with Team Hope's leadership on the brand research and discovery process. At the heart of their new brand identity is the new Team Hope logo. During the identity development process, it became very clear to us that the swallow was the perfect sigil for this organization. The swallow is a symbolic representation of hope, fortitude, and love—everything that is at the heart of who Team Hope is. The swallow has been used as a symbol for centuries all around the world. In the far east it is depicted on many tapestries representing spring and bounty, as it is one of the first birds seen in the new season. Sailors see the swallow as a good omen and often tattoo themselves with the bird, marking a successful voyage. These mercurial fliers can also be found inked on the hands of boxers and scrappers signifying ‘flying fists.’ For Team Hope, it was the perfect symbol. It represents the journey, the fight, and the strength of faith and unyielding love—everything Team Hope is and will continue to be. Beyond establishing the brand identity suite, we developed a targeted tagline that spoke to the organization's mission and vision; launched a new single page website to help navigate Frederick County residents in need of aid, as well as guide individuals looking to volunteer, sponsor, or donate; built out various print and digital applications, including: advertisements, collateral materials, social media assets, vehicle graphics, and apparel and merchandise; set up a new Instagram account to accompany their Facebook presence; built out social media marketing imagery and content; and finally, we developed the event marketing materials for Team Hope's annual fundraising gala. Team Hope's official rebrand rollout took place at their 10th Anniversary Fundraiser Auction & Dinner, in October 2019. Not only did they celebrate a milestone year and a new brand and identity, but they also surpassed their annual fundraising record. What a tremendous year! We were honored to be a part of it and to work with an incredible organization who will continue to make a difference in the lives of others… Giving HOPE for Tomorrow.

THE SOUVENIRSMUSE Creative Award for Logo Design

The collaborative genius of Lisa Sirbaugh Creative and Tribe Design & Branding is truly remarkable. I could never have imagined what was actually involved in rebranding an organization. Countless hours were spent researching and understanding every facet of Team Hope and the impact that our non-profit has in the lives of Frederick County residents. When they revealed the new brand identity and the various brand applications, we were taken aback and humbled to see that they had truly captured the heart, breath, and soul of Team Hope. There's no way to adequately express our thanks for all that they have done for us and our brand.